Gourmet walk to meet local products

Every Thursday evening Philippe’s menu with Côtes de Mouton

AOP Barèges-Gavarnie grilled over a wood fire.

Restaurant Menu


The ‘River and Mountain’ slate to share: €35
Foie gras, smoked trout, sausage and black pork ham from Bigorre

Medium rare, foie gras with port €24
with a puff pastry brioche and onion compote

Rolled goat’s cheese €15
from the Gaïnza farm with nori seaweed and roasted peppers and a Mojo picon Sauce

Tarbais bean hummus €17
with black pork sausage and Granny Smith’s apples

Garbure Soup and ‘pulled’ black pork knuckle €15

Main course

Mutton stew with sautéed potatoes €20

Stuffed veal breast €22
ballotin of braised cabbage with black Bigorre pork

Beef steak €25
with ceps cream mashed potatoes with herbs from the garden and stewed peppers

Trout from Lau Balagnas €22
“swimming” in silky broth with steamed potatoes

Pigeon cooked 2 ways €28
with the sauce of foie gras, carrot puree and rosemary

Osso-buco with creamy polenta €20

Stuffed eggplant with vegetable tagliatelles. €18


Pyrenean forest with dark chocolate and wild blueberries €9

Big macaron, vervain ganache, cider apple sorbet €9

Frozen nougat, almond and pistachio chouchous and candied fruit €9

The slate of the three Pyrenean cheeses €9
Cow, sheep and goat


Philip’s menu 30
Unique menu only every Thursday for dinner

Pyrenean local soup
Duck salad of “La Brèche”
Foie gras on toast, home made pâté, wind-dried duck breast

Two mouton chops grilled over a wood fire served with sauté potatoes
Piece of fresh trout from Lau Balagnas in a bouillon

Local cake with blueberries sorbet and English cream
Selection of three local cheeses

Gourmet menu €40

Veal sweetbreads with a Jurançon sauce
and caramelised pearl onions
Trout tartare from Lau Balagnas
served with a sweet and sour sauce and Armenian bread

Seafood casserole with supreme sauce
(monkfish, cod, hake, mussels, langoustine)
served with locally grown vegetables and steamed potatoes
Roasted leg of mutton “AOP Barèges-Gavarnie”
Tarbais beans & Bigorre black pork crisps

Crispy chou pastry filled with pistachio cream, served with hazelnut ice cream
Strawberries with charred meringue served with a basil granita

Local menu €28

Local Pyrenean Soup

Mutton stew cooked in red wine sauce

Blueberry Crème Brûlée

Fixed menu – no changes possible

Child menu €14

Mutton parmentier
Small Piece of fresh trout from Lau Balagnas in a bouillon

Cottage cheese with red fruit coulis
Ice cream